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◇ 1992 “Dongguan Huangcun Yongqiang Metal Tank Factory”established in Huangcun Town, manufacturing and distribution of storage tank on ground.
◇ 1993 The first semi-elliptical tank with intellectual right ownership being introduced.
◇ 1994 “Dongguan Zhongtang Yongqiang Metal Tank Factory”established in Zhongtang Town, manufacturing and distribution of transport tank.
◇ 1995 “Dongguan Liaobu Yongqiang Metal Tank Factory”established in Liaobu Town.
◇ 1995 Commencement of mass production of transport tank

◇ 1997 The factory was moved to Liaobu Dongguan, commencement of mass production.
◇ 1998 “Dongguan Yongqiang Vehicles Manufacturing Co., Ltd.”established and honored with “National Authorized Manufacturer for Special Vehicles”.
◇ 1999 Company was honored with “National Authorized Manufacturer for Fire Fighting Vehicles”, the first fire fighting vehicles produced.
◇ 2001 Produced the first aluminum tanker in China and obtained various national patents in the same year, symbolized the most vehicles, such as safety, environmental protection and light weight.

Since 2004
◇ 2004 Established “Dongguan Rosenbauer Yongqiang Fire Fighting Vehicles Ltd.”, a joint venture between Yongqiang Vehicles and Rosenbauer AG.
◇ Established “Dongguan Yongqiang Special Vehicles Institute”.
◇ 2009 “Dongguan Rosenbauer Yongqiang Fire Fighting Vehicles Ltd.” wholly owned and renamed as “Guangdong Yongqiang Auld Lang Real International Fire Fighting Vehicles Ltd.”
◇ 2010 Setting up “Chuzhou Yongqiang Vehicles Manufacturing Co., Ltd.”in Chuzhou, production began in the next year.
◇ 2010 Taking over brand, IPR, technique and market of CARMICHAEL, established “Yongqiang-Carmichael Technology Ltd.” in the UK, commencement of airport crash and rescue vehicle.
◇ 2011 Taking over brand, IPR and technique of SIMON(UK), commencement of aerial platform vehicle.
◇ 2012 Setting up “Yongqiang East China Industrial Park” in Chuzhou, Anhui.

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