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 Aluminum Alloy Tanker
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Aluminum Alloy Tanker

2001, Yongqiang Vehicles developed the first aluminum fuel tank semi-trailer within China itself, introduced a new concept to the Chinese tanker industry. At present, we are leader of aluminum tank semi-trailer for the industry with a leading domestic market share in 2011. With the features of safe and efficient, aluminum tanker is the first choice for logistic industry.

Aluminum alloy weights less than 35% of the traditional carbon steel. Tankers made by aluminum alloy have advantages such as light and low center of gravity. Light weight tanker can provide high economic benefit and become the industrial trend because it can transfer the spared weight into transport capacity.


Closed Loading System
There are many significant advantages offered by Closed Loading System, such as fire prevention, spill prevention, higher operation safety, vapor recovery, avoidance of product contamination, faster loading and less expensive loading islands. It has become a standard required by the government.

Stability System
The stability system of Yongqiang Vehicles acts as real-time monitoring of driving conditions of the vehicle and intervenes automatically in situations where vehicle stability enters a critical area. It brakes specific wheels in order to help the vehicle returning to safe driving conditions, preventing rollover or out of control.

Operation Monitoring System
Operation monitoring system detects the whole process about tank loading, transportation and tank unloading. All real-time information about manholes, cut off valves, API connections, pipes and bottom valves will be detected and saved.
Air Suspension
Comparing to traditional leaf spring suspension, air suspension can adjust the extent of soft or firm and the height of the vehicle, provide enhanced performance of shock-absorbing and driving safety.
Lift-up and Self-Steering Axle System
Lift-up and Self-Steering Axle System can increase driving distance and reduce costs of tires significantly. Test results indicate that the total distance of tires mounted on this system can be up to 750000 km, twice or more than traditional system.

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